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Tom Wegener is arguably the most cutting edge shaper in the world. 

He started the alaia revolution in 2005 and was named Shaper of the Year in 2009 for this.  Then he took the dynamics of the alaia and applied them to modern materials and designed the Seaglass Project Tuna and Albacore boards to make a new age of finless surfboards.

Tom was the inspiration for the wood board movement.  In 2001 he discovered that paulownia is the best wood for surfboards because of its highly unusual property of not sucking up salt water.  Tom stopped making foam surfboards and turned only to paulownia wood and made over 300 hollow wood finned surfboards.  (Also, the alaia revolution was possible because Tom’s work with paulownia).  Tom is most proud of his green factory which has no toxic chemicals and almost no waste.  

Tom started shaping surfboards in 1979 and his brother Jon took up the planer a few years later.  Working together Tom and Jon have developed many surfboards and are still working together.  Jon is in Encinitas, California while Tom moved to Noosa Heads, Australia in 1998.

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28 Jun

Albacore Photo Competition


We are hosting out first Instagram based photo competition!

Upload photos of you or your friends riding an Albacore to instagram with the tags #GSIalbacore and #albacorecomp to be in the running to win your free Albacore, size of your choice.

The more wacky the riding, the further your shot will go. Invent new maneuvers, tube ride backwards, shuvit, anythiing that takes your fancy. Don't be afraid to name your maneuvers, as we are trying to expand the High Performace Finless world.

Competition begins July 1st and ends November 1st.

Go Shoot!



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19 Jun

Shaping Classes


Come to the Creation Plantation and spend some time with me learning about surfboards.  There is a giant world in surfboard shapes and learning about them is a never ending journey.  Often customers come to my shaping room and watch me make their board.  It takes many hours because I spend most of the time discussing each element of the board and how it will affect the way it will ride the wave.  I should be able to do this without the hindrance of actually shaping a board, or of course we can shape a board if you like.


The first class will be on the alaia.  This has been such amazing journey here for the last eight years.  We will discuss the paulownia and how to cut it and make the blank, which is the most important part, and then carry on to shaping and finishing the board.  I will show all the shapes I made along the way and how after 98 shaped alaias I got to David Rastovich’s board which has become the basis for almost all alaias of today.  I still have this board along with lots of boards and templates I made along the journey.

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